FlorShield Acrylic Floor Enamel

FlorShield Acrylic Floor Enamel
Make Floors Beautiful Quickly and Easily

Quickly and easily improve the appearance of floors in basements, laundry rooms, entry ways, mechanical rooms, and other areas with FlorShield. FlorShield resists common household chemicals and withstands foot and light wheeled traffic, ensuring your floor continues to look great. Its water-based formula makes it easy to apply and even easier to clean up. FlorShield provides the protection of a solvent-based product with the conveniences of modern, water-based technologies.


  • Water-based formula
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Withstands foot and light wheeled traffic
  • Great to improve appearance of basements, laundry rooms, and mechanical rooms

Product Information Sheet

Product Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
FlorShield Acrylic Floor Enamel DB-1541 Gloss White Base PDF PDF
FlorShield Acrylic Floor Enamel DB-1543 Gloss Deep Base PDF PDF