The Best Wall
Paint We've Ever Made

Introducing Diamond Vogel's Avalon Ultra Premium Interior Latex Enamel

Paint Less Often

Avalon's incredible durability and stain resistance means your walls will continue to look great so you'll have to paint less often.
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So Smooth

Outstanding flow and leveling ensures a smooth, beautiful surface and helps with hide so you'll get a great looking paint job with less effort.
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Revolutionary Hide

Our revolutionary Ultra White Base has 25% more hiding pigments than our Pure White Base so you get a brilliant white that hides like a dream.
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Designed for Life

Life can be unpredictable. Perhaps a food fight breaks out in the kitchen, your dog develops an affinity for licking the walls, or the kids return from a spontaneous mud volleyball game. You need a paint strong enough to handle everything life can throw at it. That's why we made Avalon the most durable, washable wall paint we've ever made.


Avalon resists common household stains from penetrating into the paint film making it extremely easy to clean. Most stains effortlessly wipe away with a clean cloth and water ensuring your paint continues to look great. Avalon excels at stain resistance compared to other brands.


Avalon provides an incredibly durable and long lasting surface ensuring the original appearance will last longer so you'll have to paint less often. Avalon outlasts competitive products after repeated scrub cycles making it the best choice for your home.

Do More... Beautifully

Avalon is incredibly easy to use allowing you to quickly finish your project and make it look great. We created a revolutionary new base called Ultra White Base. It is exceptionally white ensuring colors have incredible depth, vibrancy and clarity. You’ll notice the difference. Ultra White Base also has truly remarkable hide allowing you to paint more surface area with no additional effort.

Hiding Power

Avalon Ultra White Base’s hiding power relies on two factors. We used 25% more hiding pigments than our standard Pure White Base. This ensures full color opacity at thinner paint film thicknesses.

Flow and Leveling

Avalon’s hiding power is further enhanced by its sensational flow and leveling. This reduces the tendency to have peaks and valleys caused by brush marks or roller stipple ensuring you get an even appearance and stunningly smooth paint film.

Guaranteed For Life

We want you to be competely satisfied with Avalon and how it performs in your home. We know you will be, and we guarantee it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for Life. Diamond Vogel assures your complete satisfaction with the application, appearance, and performance properties of this product if it is applied to a properly prepared surface in accordance with the label instructions for as long as you own the property to which the paint is applied. If the paint fails to perform, Diamond Vogel will furnish an equivalent amount of new paint at no cost or will refund the purchase upon proof of purchase. This limited warranty does not include labor or cost of labor for the application or removal of any paint. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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