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Painting Your House?

Your Top Exterior Paint Questions Answered!

Painting Your Walls? What to Know Before You Paint

Moisture - The Curse of Great Paint Jobs Everywhere


Keeping Iowa Beautiful

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Painters at work in Guthrie Center

Experience an Enduring Exterior Paint Job

The elements are wild, unruly forces. They have a way of callously disrespecting all of your best efforts and reducing fine paint jobs into flaky nightmares. Don’t become another tormented victim of mother nature. Follow these steps and give your exterior paint job a fighting chance in its bout with time.

You’ll first want to remove your storm windows and screens so they stay the color you intended them to be.

Cold Weather Painting

Exterior latex paint requires minimum temperatures to correctly dry and form the proper film. For most exterior latex paint, a minimum temperature of 50 degrees must be maintained during application and for eight hours after painting.

The Top Hits of Touch-up

I’m the painter of constant sorrow. I’ve been troubled all my touch-ups. Don’t let this be you. Follow these helpful tips for touching up, and we’ll help your painting project reach the top of the charts.