Liquid Coatings Troubleshooter - In the Container

Liquid Coatings Troubleshooter - In the Container



  • Over-reduction or improper thinner.
    • Follow instructions
  • Too rapid thinning.
    • Add thinner gradually, stirring constantly
  • Poor agitation.
    • Use large paddle gear reduced air agitators


  • Any material which will dry in the presence of air at normal temperatures will tend to take on body by virtue of oxidation which takes place.
    • If bodying of the material has not proceeded to the point where there is livering action, it is often possible to bring the thickened particles back into solution by addition of a stronger solvent of the same general type or class.
  • Even a straight baking-type enamel will tend to take on additionalbody due to evaporation of solvents.
    • Add proper solvent to bring liquid to proper viscosity and body.
  • In the more advanced stages of oxidation, a livering action often occurs which is aggravated by the too-swift addition of extra thinner. It should be remembered that thinner should always be added slowly and the mixture stirred at the same time.
    • If a definite livering has occurred, it is not easily feasible to reclaim the material. Sample should be submitted to your Diamond Vogel representative or to Diamond Vogel Paint Co., Inc.,1020 Albany Place S.E., Orange City, Iowa 51041.
  • Use of improper solvent.
    • Use recommended thinner.

General: The primary cause of excessive bodying is, in most cases, improper handling of dip tank or other storage facilities. A method for keeping all storage tanks tightly sealed should be arrived at and carefully adhered to.


  • While it has been possible (to a large extent) to minimize skinning, it is something which will occur to a varied degree whenever an air-drying enamel is exposed to the air.
    • Make sure that containers in which the material is stored areairtight. Dipping tanks should have a sealed cover that is in place whenever the tank is not in use. Whenever conditions are such that skinning cannot be overcome by normal means, consult your Diamond Vogel representative.

Note: To avoid skinning during storage of open containers or during long disuse of dip tank, cover remaining contents with a small amount of reducer before sealing.