Liquid Industrial Coatings

Liquid Industrial Coatings

In addition to custom formulations, Diamond Vogel also offers high performance industrial coatings packaged and warehoused for immediate use. Epec®, QUANTUM, STRATUM®, FLEETdry®, MINION®, HYPERTHANE® and NEXGEN® are new generation examples of ready-to-use coatings. Diamond Vogel® takes pride in offering the latest in coatings technologies. Our experienced technical service specialists will work hand in hand with you to evaluate your coatings needs. Join industry leaders in discovering the premium industrial liquid coating built to your specs, your time frame, your standards.



One component primer system that allows a topcoat to be applied wet-on-wet to keep your paint production line moving while maintaining superior gloss holdout.



A waterborne primer system that exhibits excellent gloss hold out and can be topcoated with solvent or waterbase coatings


The original high performance, high solids, two component urethane primer system is designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers that desire excellent adhesion, gloss holdout and chip resistance.


This new generation of primer comes with the latest in polymer and corrosion inhibitor technologies. STRATUM® Ultra R/I Primer is a two component urethane primer with quick dry and wet-on-wet recoat with urethane topcoats. Performance characteristics include excellent adhesion and chip resistance.


This new generation of primer comes with the latest in polymer and corrosion inhibitor technologies. NEXGEN® Ultra R/I Primer is a high solids, quick dry primer ideal for industrial finishing.


High gloss, fast dry industrial production enamels designed for ease of use on primed or unprimed metal substrates. Available in conventional and waterbased versions.


Acrylic modified enamels developed for faster dry times in combination with good application and performance characteristics. Available in conventional formula or higher solids formula.


High performance, high gloss acrylic enamels designed for use with or without a urethane hardener over primed substrates. Fast curing along with the lack of a lift window offers excellent recoatablity.


High performance, two component polyurethane enamels designed for excellent gloss and performance under demanding environments. Many different cure rates are available.


New generation of high solids finishing enamels with quick dry times, high gloss and excellent color and gloss retention. Can be used with or without an activator for enhanced versatility.