New Lead Safety Rules

New Lead Safety Rules

Effective April 22, 2010, New Lead Safety rules are being put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Contractors performing work that disturbs lead-based paint in facilities built before 1978 must be EPA certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

The Rules Apply to:

Houses, apartments and child-occupied facilities such as schools and daycare centers built before 1978.
In general, anyone who is paid to perform work that disturbs paint in housing and child- occupied facilities built before 1978.

There are certain exceptions:

When the work includes only paint application and does not include sanding scraping or other activities that may cause dust.
When the work disturbs less than 6 square feet interior and or less than 20 square feet exterior.

The area is declared free of lead paint by a certified renovator using an EPA recognized test kit.
Housing is for the elderly or disabled and not regularly visited by children under age six. Immediate renovations are required in emergency situations.

Impact on Painting Contractors:

Become EPA certified by attending an eight-hour training session and paying a fee. New rules require contractors to provide a copy of the Renovate Right pamphlet to owners and occupants prior to starting work in pre-1978 housing.
Contractors must also provide the Renovate Right pamphlet to owners and operators of child-care facilities and schools built prior to 1978, and provide information to parents or guardians of children under age 6 that attend.

You must maintain written documentation of your lead-safe practices in accordance with EPA specifications.

How does a contractor get certified?:

To become a certified renovator, an individual must successfully complete an eight-hour initial renovator training course offered by an accredited training provider.
A list of accredited training providers is available at the EPA website or by calling the National Lead Information Center. (800) 424-5323

For complete details on how the rules affect you, be sure to visit the EPA website ( and download the brochure titled “Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right: EPA’s Lead-Based Paint, Renovation, Repair and Painting Program.” 

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