2K Intermix Polyurethane Single Stage Topcoat

Diamond Fleet 2K Intermix Gallon
A superior two-component acrylic polyester urethane designed for industrial, OEM, and fleet applications

Diamond Fleet 2K Intermix Polyurethane is a superior two-component acrylic polyester urethane that exhibits exceptional urethane toughness, extended gloss and color retention, and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. This product is designed as a superior performance finish topcoat for industrial,OEM, and fleet applications.

Product Information Sheet



  • Exhibits exceptional urethane toughness
  • Gives extended gloss and color retention
  • Good resistance to chemicals and abrasion
  • Multiple urethane activator options for added versatility


Technical Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen
2K Intermix Polyurethane HCMX-9999 Gloss View PDF >