Epec Primer System

Fast drying, epoxy ester modified alkyd primer

The EPEC High Holdout primer system was specifically developed for superior gloss holdout of the topcoat. It can also be coated immediately after spraying, allowing for “wet on wet” applications. These fast drying, epoxy ester modified primers exhibit good corrosion and chip resistance. Colors that are currently available include mist white, gray, buff yellow, and red oxide.

  • Superior gloss holdout of topcoat
  •  Allows for "wet on wet" applications
  • Good corrosion and chip resistance

Product Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color
High Holdout Primer System PL-5533 Satin Red Oxide View PDF >
High Holdout Primer System PL-3530 Satin Buff Yellow View PDF >
High Holdout Primer System PL-1530 Satin Mist White View PDF >
High Holdout Primer System PL-0530 Satin Gray View PDF >