ANSI 70 Gray


Color: ANSI 70 Gray

Category: Diamond Vogel Powder Coating 

Product Description

  • Item: ET-0330
  • Technology: TGIC Polyester
  • Cure Schedule: 10' @ 390°F
  • 60° Gloss: 25
  • Recommended Mil Thickness - 1.8 to 2.2 Mils DFT

About ANSI 70 Gray -

ANSI 70 Gray is a powder coating that is designed and engineered to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. ANSI 70 is a standard cure TGIC Polyester which means it is tough, attractive, and durable enough to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure, which makes the coating an ideal choice for outdoor furniture, equipment, kitchen appliances, playground and recreation equipment, outdoor fixtures, vending machines, fencing and railing systems, and much more. 

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