Black Satin


Color: Black Satin S/G

Category: Diamond Vogel Powder Coating 

Product Description

  • Item: PLX7229-01
  • Technology: TGIC Polyester
  • Cure Schedule: 10' @ 390°F
  • 60° Gloss: 15-25
  • Recommended Mil Thickness - 2.0 to 2.5 Mils DFT

About Black Satin S/G -

Black Satin S/G is a TGIC Polyester powder coating that is designed and engineered to withstand exterior exposure offering excellent UV and weather resistant properties. TGIC Polyester powder coatings are aesthetically appealing, tough, and demonstrate outstanding physical properties. They are an excellent choice for exterior applications as well as interior applications where durability is a must. 

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