Description: The choice of professionals & do-it-yourselfers for sanding wood, metal, plastics & fiberglass. Made of aluminum oxide & durable synthetic mineral. Extremely tough & stands up without appreciable refracture or breakdown in use.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
MM036-00136D PROD PAPER EA 9X1188593259X11
MM050-00150D PROD PAPER EA 9X1199406259X11
MM080-00180D PROD PAPER EA 9X1199405259X11
MM100-001100C PROD PAPER - EA 9X1199404259X11
MM120-001120C PROD PAPER - EA 9X1199403259X11
MM126-001120C TRIMT OC POL SDPR-EA99430254X11
MM150-001150C PROD PAPER - EA 9X1199402259X11
MM156-001150C TRIMT OC POL SDPR-EA99431254X11
MM180-001180A PROD PAPER - EA 9X1188590259X11
MM182-001180A TRI-M-ITE FRE-CUT-EA88624259X11
MM220-001220A PRODUCTION PPR - EA99401259X11
MM222-001220A TRI-M-ITE FRE-CUT-EA99425259X11
MM321-001320A WETORDRY TRIMITE-EA99421259X11
MM900-001ALUM OXD SDPK EX FIN-9X119000NA509X11
MM901-001ALUM OXID SNDPK FINE-9X119001NA509X11
MM902-001ALUM OXIDE SNDPK MED-9X119002NA509X11
MM903-001ALUM OXID SNDPK CRSE-9X119003NA509X11