Steel Wool

Description: Packed with 16 hand-sized steel wool pads. Packaged in a full color poly bag with a replaceable Kwik-Lok closure to keep the pads clean.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
HM100-010STEEL WOOL 16/PAK 0000106600-0660000
HM100-020STEEL WOOL 16/PAK 000106601-066000
HM100-030STEEL WOOL 16/PAK 00106602-06600
HM100-040STEEL WOOL 16/PAK 0106603-0660
HM100-050STEEL WOOL 16/PAK #1106604-0661
HM100-060STEEL WOOL 16/PAK #2106605-0662
HM100-070STEEL WOOL 16/PAK #3106606-0663