Green Premium Mask Paper

Description: Green Premium Masking Paper is formulated for the majority of water and oil based materials, including lacquers and acrylics.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
PC300-030HAND-MASK PAPER RL 3X18012203243 INCH
PC300-060HAND-MASK PAPER RL 6X18012206126 INCH
PC300-090HAND-MASK PAPER RL 9X18012209129 INCH
PC300-120HAND-MASK PAPR RL 12X180122121212 INCH
PC410-060MASKING PAPER GRN 6X10001230366 INCH
PC410-120MASKING PAPR GRN 12X100012307312 INCH
PC410-180MASKING PAPR GRN 18X100012302218 INCH
PC410-360MASKING PAPR GRN 36X100012308136 INCH