Color Putty 3.68 oz

Description: Easy-to-use putty in a variety of shades, or intermix for custom coloring. Simply: 1) stain surface if necessary, 2) seal or varnish, 3) fill nail holes and imperfections with matching putty and 4) apply finish coat of seal or varnish (except epoxies). Use as is on paneling.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
CL100-004COLOR PUTTY WHITE 3.68 OZ10063.68 OZ
CL102-004COLR PTY NATURAL 3.68 OZ10263.68 OZ
CL106-004COLOR PTY LT BIRCH 3.68OZ10663.68 OZ
CL108-004COLOR PUTTY LT OAK 3.68OZ10863.68 OZ
CL110-004COLOR PTY FRUITWOD 3.68OZ11063.68 OZ
CL114-004COLOR PUTTY MAPLE 3.68 OZ11463.68 OZ
CL116-004COLR PTY BUTTERNUT 3.68OZ11663.68 OZ
CL118-004COLOR PUTTY CHERRY 3.68OZ11863.68 OZ
CL122-004COLR PTY HONEY OAK 3.68OZ12263.68 OZ
CL124-004COLOR PUTY REDWOOD 3.68OZ12463.68 OZ
CL126-004COLR PTY BRN MAHGNY 3.68Z12663.68 OZ
CL130-004COLR PTY DK WALNUT 3.68OZ13063.68 OZ
CL134-004COLOR PUTTY EBONY 3.68 OZ13463.68 OZ
CL136-004COLOR PUTTY NUTMEG 3.68OZ13663.68 OZ
CL138-004COLOR PUTTY PECAN 3.68 OZ13863.68 OZ
CL140-004COLR PTY BRIARWOOD 3.68OZ14063.68 OZ
CL144-004COLR PTY TEAKWOOD 3.68OZ14463.68 OZ