Polyurethane Varnish

Description: A superior liquid polyurethane coating formulated for easy application, producing a high-quality finish that provides protection up to twice as long as normal varnish finishes. It provides long-term protection for all wood products, including floors, bar, counter and table tops, furniture, cabinets, toys, wood paneling and doors. It is safe for children's furniture.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
MP850-001P/P GLOSS 13 OZ #4941049410613 OZ
MP850-025P/P INT GLOSS - QT #49404494044QT
MP850-100P/P INT GLOSS - GAL 49401494012GAL
MP851-001P/P SATIN - 13 OZ #4961049610613 OZ
MP851-025P/P INT SATIN - QT #49604496044QT
MP851-100P/P INT SATIN - GAL 49601496012GAL
MP852-001P/P POLYUR S/G-13OZ 4951049510613 OZ
MP852-025P/P POLYURTH S/G-QT 49504495044QT
MP852-100P/P POLYURT S/G-GAL 49501495012GAL