Poly Spar

Description: A superior coating formulated with tung oil and ultraviolet absorbers producing a high quality, clear flexible finish that withstands weathering due to sun, water and salt spray. It provides a durable coating for all wood surfaces, including fences, siding, railings, lawn furniture, doors and boats.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
MP860-012P/P EXT SPAR GLS-PT 92408924086PT
MP860-025P/P EXT SPAR GLS-QT 92404924044QT
MP860-100P/P EXT SPAR GLS-GL 92401924012GAL
MP861-012P/P SPAR VAR S/G-PT 92508925086PT
MP861-025P/P SPAR VAR S/G-QT 92504925044QT
MP861-100P/P SPAR VAR S/G-GL 92501925012GAL
MP862-012P/P EXT SPAR SAT-PT 92308923086PT
MP862-025P/P EXT SPAR SAT-QT 92304923044QT
MP862-100P/P EXT SPAR SAT-GAL 9230923012GAL