7200 Series Knife

Description: Rugged, hard-working line for light-duty construction or home projects. Economical tools feature blades of spring stainless steel for easy spreading and easy cleanup. Handles are polypropylene to resist paint thinners and adhesive solvents during cleanup.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
AP180-0157287 STIFF PUTTY KNF-1.5 INCH7287101 1/2 INCH
AP180-0307289 STIFF PUTTY KNIFE-3 INCH7289103 INCH
AP182-0157291 FLEX PUTTY KNIF-1.5 INCH7291101 1/2 INCH
AP182-0307293 FLEX PUTTY KNIFE-3 INCH7293103 INCH