80100 Series Knife

Description: The ProGrip2 Series was developed to deliver professional quality for both blade flexibility and a comfortable handle. Standard carbon steel blades are hollow ground to provide consistent flex and proper stiffness.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionManufacturer's CodeProduct PackSize
AP500-01580108 FLEX PUTTY KNF 1.5 INCH8010851 1/2 INCH
AP500-03080114 FLEX PUTTY KNIFE 3 INCH8011453 INCH
AP500-04080118 FLEX PUTTY KNIFE 4 INCH8011854 INCH
AP500-06080122 FLEX PUTTY KNIFE 6 INCH8012256 INCH
AP501-01280101 CHSL PTY KNF 1 1/4 INCH8010151 1/4 INCH
AP505-01580109 STIFF PTTY KNF 1.5 INCH8010951 1/2 INCH
AP505-03080115 STIFF PUTTY KNIF 3 INCH8011553 INCH
AP526-06080126 TAPG KNF/ST HEAD 6 INCH8012656 INCH