Beautiful, Smooth, Durable
Woodwork, Doors, Frames and Trim
SUREFLO Acrylic Latex Enamel
Available in both satin and gloss, as well as thousands of colors, for a perfect project.
Anti-sag properties and outstanding flow and leveling produces an even, exceptional finish.
Tough enamel finish with built-in block resistance ensures it withstands demanding environments.
The Newest Technology
SureFlo takes full advantage of the latest technologies providing the best performance, incredible anti-sag properties and spectacular block resistance. A premium formula meeting the challenges of your most demanding projects.
SureFlo Acrylic Latex Enamel
SureFlo allows you to achieve a gorgeous finish regardless of how you apply it...brush, roller or spray. It's perfect for painted woodwork, trim, doors, frames and every other substrate where you require a durable, smooth finish. SureFlo is perfect for both interior and exterior substrates allowing the same paint to be used on both sides of doors and frames.
Product Details
Properties Satin Gloss
Finish 30-40 @ 60º 70+ @ 60º
Resin Acrylic Latex
Dry to Touch 30 to 120 minutes
Dry to Recoat Four Hours
Recommended DFT 1.5 to 2.0 mils
Coverage at DFT 270 - 365 square feet per gallon
Volume Solids 34%
VOC 50 grams per liter
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April 2014
SureFlo is available now!
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