Trend Colors | Spring 2016


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Trend Colors | Spring 2016

Posted 02/15/2016
2016 Spring Trends

Color and design, especially for interiors has such a big impact on how we relate to our homes. This use of color supports the feel and attitude we want to create for our living spaces. Current color trends are driving the use of soft, muted color as a way to provide visual relief from a busy day. It is not surprising we seek spaces that help us relax, promote wellness and re-energize us from work, family and activities. Today life is less about what you own, but more about how you live. Our homes can provide the groundwork for supporting and enhancing our lives and color can be the key to enhancing our experience.

An emphasis on classic style continues to influence today’s modern interiors. Many emerging styles and design pieces have roots in the past, making it easy to transition favorite furniture and treasured items into updated interiors. Soft, complex colors are the perfect background for showcasing art and design pieces that define our decorating style. This palette of 2016 Spring Colors offers usable color that pairs with and enhances any style.

0792 Footie Pajamas
Romantic, yet modern and this fun youthful green is optimistic and pairs well with gray, chocolate and warm tans. An enthusiastic accent that offers a perfect splash of color.

0144 Film Noir
Lose yourself in this ultra-dark brown, the comfortable side of black. An accent color that pairs with any color.

0925 Jonquil Trail
Instant smiles await with this warm and sunny yellow. Pairs with most neutrals as well as blue, violet and greens for easy and simple style.

0404 Translucent Vision
Calming and soothing, Translucent Vision offers an organic vibe to spaces wanting a touch of color. This quiet sage is a great backdrop for bolder accents like dark gray and deep chocolate

0414 Plume Grass
Muted sages dominate trends with their earthy appeal and offer alternatives to gray for interiors walls. The chameleon effect of this toned green offers easy pairing with both warm and cool colors .

0556 Smokescreen
This deep gray-brown is a great base for showcasing stronger colors or smoky pastels. Perfect to pair with greens, oranges, blues and corals.

0153 Take-Out
A relaxed white with a touch of pink, a universal hue offering restful luxury with wide appeal. Pairs with bolder grays and deep reds for a sophisticated ambience.

0274 Polished Marble
Balanced to pair with any color, a sure winner no matter your style. This toned off-white is sure to please.

0437 Bowling Green
‘Comfort’ is the word for this earthy green that confidently delivers a relaxed feel. Great accent color that pairs with either warm or cool colors.

0561 Indian Hills
This beige is a great neutral that complements any color it is paired with; or alone can be the star of the room!

0180 Fresh Linen
This near-white delivers a fresh look when paired with other ethereal colors. Slightly toned, Fresh Linen looks great with white trim, offering a touch of color on the walls that does not overwhelm.

0622 Serene Setting

A harmonious balance between blue and gray. This light and airy hue lets you relax and promises a new beginning.

0381 Sonata

Deeply rooted in nature with a vintage twist, Sonata pairs well with many of the greys and browns currently trending.

0311 Life Exotic
Rich with patina, Life Exotic celebrates authentic workmanship and keepsakes. This toned gold offers timeless luxury.

0102 Earthly Pleasure
A deep organic red that is rich and authentic. A great accent for grays and yellows and a perfect accent for exteriors.

0026 Moon Drop
A soft gray inspired by romantic moonlight makes this warm gray inviting.

1319 Overlook
Dark and mystical, this dusty gray-violet creates the perfect mood, complements green, aqua and orange.

1074 It's My Party
A free spirited orange offering fun for those looking for a fresh, edgy accent. With roots in mid-century vintage, this hue pairs well with brown and gray neutrals, greens and yellows.

Not sure what color to select? Diamond Vogel offers two great ways to preview color. Color Sampler is a quart sized sample that helps you test color before you buy. There is no better way to try a color than to paint out a sample in the space, so it can be viewed with your own furniture, lighting and accessories. You can also try testing out color in our Envision software found at, upload a photo of your project and visualize any of our colors before you paint, it is just that easy! Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store to find the perfect color for your project.