When our founder, Andrew Vogel, saw the need for high-quality paint to coat northwest Iowa’s creameries, the idea of the Vogel Paint Company was born in 1926. Soon, he began producing a variety of paints for home and industry. The mission was simple, exceed customer’s expectations by delivering a quality solution, and we carry on this tradition today.

Exploring Our Mission Statement One Word At A Time



fulfilling our commitments

Our customers count on us, and we won't let them down. Through our dedicated store and factory personnel, our customers can rely on us to fulfill our commitments in providing their business the best.



exceeding customer expectations

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities ensure we maintain high standards outpacing the industry. Our intense customer focus allows us to exceed their expectations.



Investing in innovation

Paint has rapidly evolved into a diverse mix of coating technologies. We continually invest in innovation to provide our customers the cutting-edge in powder coating, heavy-duty protective coatings, traffic marking coatings, and architectural coatings.



creating long-term value

We carefully listen to our customer's wants and needs. After we fully understand, we use our vast coating experience to craft an answer that creates long-term value.



unique through and through

Our customers often call us unique, and we are continually humbled by their loyalty. We are a family owned company deeply committed to our customers and employees. We care about our communities we serve, and we want our customers to succeed.


Where did it all begin?

Diamond Vogel’s history in the aerosol industry has been evolving and growing steadily since the late 1970s, when Marv Vogel first purchased an aerosol-filling machine. After countless hours of hard work, determination, and innovation, Diamond Vogel’s path in the aerosol industry was well on its way to success. Since that point, Diamond Vogel’s aerosol production has grown steadily, supplying our customers with high-quality, dependable aerosol paint. Following in Marv Vogel’s footsteps, the 3rd generation of the Vogel family began looking to expand aerosol manufacturing even further.

In 2011, Diamond Vogel turned its eyes to the future and purchased Fasse Paint Company; an aerosol operation with family values and a priority for quality that mirrored our own. Started by Harvey Fasse in 1946 in Sheboygan Falls, WI, Fasse Paint Company was a dependable, exceptional way for Diamond Vogel to expand and perfect its premier aerosol manufacturing operation.