Aisle Ease Latex Safety Marking

Aisle Ease Gloss Latex Safety Marking
A Cost-Effective Solution for Floor Safety Markings

Aisle Ease provides a highly cost-effective solution for floor safety markings in factories and warehouses. It is carefully formulated to eliminate downtime, allowing foot traffic in as little as 90 minutes. By taking advantage of a latex formulation, Aisle Ease is very low odor, allowing for work to continue nearby while painting is underway. The gloss sheen enhances the appearance of the marking and provides a cleanable surface, reducing the need for recoating.

Apply to interior or exterior surfaces such as traffic aisles, staging areas, masonry surfaces, safety zones, and walkways.

States of Illinois and Colorado
  • Bright visible lines
  • Resistance to dirt pick up
  • Easy cleaning
  • Increased safety and awareness
  • Available in white and yellow

Product Information Sheet

Product Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
Aisle Ease Latex Safety Marking MC-1609 Gloss White PDF PDF
Aisle Ease Latex Safety Marking MC-3609 Gloss Yellow PDF PDF