Delicious Delights

Delicious Delights

Delicious Delights Inspiration
delicious delights

This month’s palette offers a scrumptious collection of hues from dark to light, ideal for a kitchen refresh. A warm and cool duo of neutrals harmonize with the darkest shade of chocolate brown, duck egg blue and a soft tinted white. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the versatility of this collection as we show you some kitchen styles.

Film Noir - Color ID 0144 Dreaming of the Day - Color ID 0470 Oak Tone - Color ID 0217
Cyprus Spring - Color ID 0411 Sultry Castle - Color ID 0562  


Delicious Delights Modern Kitchen Inspiration

A deliciously dark hue completely transforms larger kitchen and dining areas. Try Film Noir, a dramatic, shaded brown for a sophisticated style. Follow this refined paint scheme and work a color block technique in Sultry Castle and Dreaming of the Day for kitchen cabinets. Pair with leafy foliage and crisp white counters for a bold finish.

Delicious Delights Croissant Inspiration        Delicious Delights Kitchenette Inspiration

Whether you’re drawn to striking darks, laid-back neutrals or the light and airy, this palette has a color combination to breathe new life into your kitchen whatever your interior style. Get inspired by this month’s colors and get decorating!