Make a Splash

Make a Splash

Make a Wave Color Inspiration
make a splash

With summer well under way we look to a palette reminiscent of ocean hues. This crisp yet calming group of blue gradations is both versatile and a perfect scheme to brighten your home interior. With a little inspiration and a few simple steps, you too can revitalize your interior spaces. Get fresh this summer and immerse yourself in aquatic tones.

Brush Blue Bathroom Set Idea        Sparkling Champagne (white)/Enchanted Evening (blue) sun room

Sparkling Champagne - Color ID 0201 Brush Blue - Color ID 0607 Marzena Dream- Color ID 0637
Enchanted Evening - Color ID 0673 Blue Bliss - Color ID 0675  

Sparkling Champagne (white)/Enchanted Evening (blue) bathroom idea

Choose a creamy tone as an allover base for bathrooms; the soft neutral of Sparkling Champagne is an ideal shade. Add splashes of more saturated blue hues, such as Blue Bliss or Enchanted Evening to smaller wall spaces or painted furniture for a modern twist. Combine with natural, warm accessories in wood and linen for the ultimate chill-out zone.

Marzena Dream (light blue) Nursery

Marzena Dream is a calm and soft mid-tone blue, making it perfect for decorating nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Opt for airy, light furniture in Sparkling Champagne and soft textiles in combinations of Brush Blue and Blue Bliss to create a tranquil haven for your little ones.

Aquatic Colors Bedroom        Blue Bliss Alcove

The aquatic blue hues of this month’s palette work equally well in tonal groupings and stand-alone shades. For a livelier approach, the boldness of Enchanted Evening is a great shade for accents and highlights throughout interior spaces, while the calmer Blue Bliss brings a more refined, polished look to feature walls and small alcoves.