A high performance, single-component coating system

The Minion Acrylic Enamel system was specifically developed for original equipment manufacturers that desire a high-performance, single-component, acrylic coating system. Minion Acrylics offer excellent long term color and gloss retention. Application benefits include very quick dry times along with non-self-lifting properties for easy touch-up and repair. There are a wide range of stock colors available along with complete color flexibility in the Industrial Color System.

  • Long term color and gloss retention
  • Very quick dry times
  • Non self lifting properties

Technical Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color
Minion ICS Acrylic Enamel IC-0635 Full Clear Base View PDF >
Minion ICS Acrylic Enamel IC-1651 Full White Base View PDF >
Minion ICS Acrylic Enamel IC-1655 Full Deep Base View PDF >
Minion ICS Acrylic Enamel IC-2625 Full Metallic Base View PDF >