Peridium S-Series

Silicone Polyester Powder Coatings

Peridium S-Series Powder Coatings offer excellent application and performance characteristics. Diamond Vogel’s focus on tightly controlled particle size distribution promotes ideal first-pass transfer efficiency. Silicone polyester powder coating offers increased resistance to color and sheen loss up to 600°F. Full curing and performance are not achieved until after the first hi-heat service cycle. This coating must be applied over a clean, blasted surface. The heat resistance is dependent on the time and temperature of the first hi-heat service cycle. Since every application is unique, testing should be performed under each specific service condition before use.

  • Tightly controlled particle size distribution
  • Good first pass transfer efficiencies
  • Excellent application and performance

Technical Data

Product Name Product #
Peridium S60 Hi-Heat Silicone Polyester Powder Coatings S60 View PDF >