Waterborne Booth Coatings

Fast drying coatings that resists water, paint, enamels, lacquers, grease, and oils

MC-1571 Waterborne White Booth Coatings and MC-0572 Waterborne Clear Booth Coating are vinyl based coatings that can be spray applied on the walls of paint spray booths for enhanced clean-up and stripping characteristics. These products are fast drying coatings that resist water, paint, enamels, lacquers, grease and oils. It is meant to be used on any metal or glass surface to prevent the adherence of paint overspray.

  • Vinyl based that can be applied on walls of paint spray booth
  • Fast drying
  • Prevent adherance to paint overspray

Technical Data

Product Name Product # Product Base/Color
Waterborne Booth Coatings MC-1571 White View PDF >
Waterborne Booth Coatings MC-0572 Clear View PDF >