Introducing Diamond Vogel's 2K Intermix Acrylic Polyester Urethane


Exceptionally Tough

Diamond Fleet 2K Intermix Polyurethane exhibits exceptional urethane toughness to give extended gloss and color retention.

Highly Resistant

This two-component acrylic polyester urethane provides good resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Remarkably Versatile

There are four activator options to help you customize your dry time to fit your job.

Diamond Fleet Mail Delivery Trucks

2K Intermix Polyurethane Single Stage Topcoat

Diamond Fleet 2K Intermix Polyurethane is a superior two-component acrylic polyester urethane that exhibits exceptional urethane toughness, extended gloss and color retention, and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. This product is designed as a superior performance finish topcoat for industrial, OEM, and fleet applications.

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