Liquid Coatings
Product Type


Product name Description Information
Stratum® Two-Component Urethane Primer System High-performance, high-solids primer Information
Stratum Ultra R/I Primer Two-component, high performance primer Information
Structural Steel Primers Developed for ferrous metals as a steel joist shop paint Information
Vinyl Booth Coatings Designed for enhanced clean-up and stripping characteristics Information
Water Reducible Alkyd Enamel Series Properly coat ferrous and some non ferrous metals Information
Waterborne Acrylic Primer System Provides the foundation for a superior coating system Information
Waterborne Booth Coatings Fast drying coatings that resists water, paint, enamels, lacquers, grease, and oils Information
Workhorse Finishing Enamel Industrial finishing enamel for manufacturers of metal products Information
Workhorse Rust Inhibitive Primer Ideal for industrial uses, including the finishing of agricultural and construction equipment Information
Workhorse Universal Primer A versatile primer that can be used in conjunction with a variety of topcoats and is ideal for structural and industrial uses Information


At Diamond Vogel, we know there’s no substitute for reliable technical service and in-depth product knowledge. Our friendly, experienced specialists will guide you every step of the way in order to explore and evaluate your coating needs.

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A thoughtful, comprehensive approach to Industrial Coatings is key here at Diamond Vogel. Once your requirements have been defined, we add yet another layer of collaboration by working hand-in-hand with our lab to develop the ideal custom coating formula for your operation.

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Our extensive list of products could very well hold the ideal option for your coating operation. Explore our product database — complete with easy-to-use filters and search options — to find the coating solution that meets your needs.


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