Hyperthane® 431

A two component, DTM polyurethane high-performance coating system

The Hyperthane 431 ICS Polyurethane System is a new generation polyester and acrylic urethane blend that is formulated to provide hardness and weatherability. This urethane can be used as a tough direct-to-metal polyurethane in mild corrosive environments or over primer.

  • DTM with higher film hardness
  • Easy application
  • Good corrosion and weathering resistance


Technical Data

Product Name Product # Product Sheen Product Base/Color
Hyperthane 431 DTM Acrylic Urethane IG12-53312 Gloss White Base View PDF >
Hyperthane 431 DTM Acrylic Urethane IG02-53313 Gloss Clear Base View PDF >