Maximize Sheen Uniformity on Drywall

Maximize Sheen Uniformity on Drywall

Verify the Correct Installation of the Drywall

  • Check for dimples, craters, cracks and fill as needed with joint compound.
  • Make sure cemented joints are sanded even and flush; determine by viewing at a low angle with good illumination.
  • Final sanding with fine grit sand paper or screen will help ensure a smooth appearance if applying a product with a sheen of eggshell or higher.

Finishing The Drywall Surface

  • Prior to texturing the surface, apply a coat of Diamond Vogel Pre-Tex Interior Primer/Surfacer. Using Pre-Tex insures uniform porosity and a consistent final finish.
  • Apply a coat of the desired texture being careful to be sure it is applied to a uniform look. Uneven texture can many times give an uneven appearance of the final finish.
  • A second coat of primer is recommended over the texture to ensure the surface is fully sealed.
  • Finish the drywall surface with a quality latex finish. Diamond Vogel has a complete line of interior finishes designed for different levels of performance requirements.

Applying the Paint Coatings


  • When rolling both the primer and finish, a quality synthetic roller cover will help apply the coatings at a higher film thickness and more evenly that an economy roller.
  • Keep the roller strokes as near as vertical as possible, and avoid applying a lot of pressure.
  • Keep the roller full of paint; when you notice a crackling sound when rolling, more paint is needed on the cover.


Apply one coat by spraying, a second coat by roller or apply two coats by spray and immediately back roll the second coat.
  • Rolling (or back-rolling) the final coat will provide a more forgiving surface with respect to uniformity of appearance in the event there is unevenness in the surface being painted.
  • Allow the first coat to dry adequately before applying the second coat to avoid blistering and roller “picking”.
  • The rolled surface will touch-up less noticeably
For further information on finishing drywall, contact your Diamond Vogel® representative.