• Vote for Color of the Year

    We want your assistance in selecting the 2017 Color of the Year. Select from four directional colors to help us make this important choice. 

  • 90 Years of Great Paint

    In 1926, Andrew Vogel began to make great paint out of a small workshop in Orange City, Iowa. 90 years later and we are still at it.

  • Beautiful, Smooth, Durable

    Perfect for creating a stunning finish on woodwork, doors, frames and trim. Easy to use, and easy to clean-up.

  • Extra Protection Made Easy

    Enhanced Abrasion and Chemical Resistance Compared to Ordinary Latex Finishes Offering Extra Protection With No Mixing

  • your essential color

    Authentic, Mood Setting, Brilliant...Introducing our new color system, ColorEssentials.  Over 1300 carefully selected colors covering the entire spectrum.  You're sure to find one that is perfect for you.

  • Foundation of Successful Exterior Painting Projects

    Our new highly adaptable, 100% acrylic, affordable exterior latex paint.

  • Manufacturers' Competitive Advantage

    Peridium Powder Coatings combines state-of-the-art technology, strict quality controls, innovative research and development providing you a competitive advantage.

  • beautiful ceilings
    made easy

    Our Elevate Interior Latex Ceiling Paint makes painting ceilings incredibly easy.  Elevate produces a ceiling with a uniform appearance, has amazing touch-up qualities and enhanced spatter resistance.


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