We know you take pride in your home, and Diamond Vogel is here to help by offering a wide range of paints, stains, and coatings to help you maintain, protect, and beautify your important investment. Our paint experts can help you select the right coatings and colors for your project, and guide you with tips, proper prep, and application to make your paint job last.

Select the Best Coating for Your Project

Our easy to use system selectors help you learn and select the right paint, coating, and stain for your project.

DVIP Program

Diamond Vogel Very Important Painter Program: We want to be your paint store–Just like the pros!


Find the best tools for you to get the job done right. Find out more about the brushes, frames, covers, tape, and much more.

2022 Color of the Year

Zenith is a deep blue that provides restful comfort for both body and mind. This color frees our spirit and makes a powerful statement of strength and empowerment while offering quiet beauty that connects spaces, cultures, and generations.

Pairing Zenith with the 2022 Trend Colors provides a distinct statement when paired with neutrals and near-whites. As a grounding color, this deep blue complements greens, soft blues, and yellows.

Color Forecasts

Selecting the right color can be challenging and very personal.  We want to create spaces that are an extension of ourselves and express current trends in design and home furnishings.  To help, Diamond Vogel presents Color Forecasts; an insider’s look to the hot trends in color.

2023 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone has chosen Viva Magenta, vibrates with vim and vigor, as the Color of the Year for 2023.

Avoid the Hype! Primers are Still Important

Paint and Primer in One is a great name, but it’s not new. Diamond Vogel’s finishes have been applied directly to surfaces for years. All of our finish paints can be applied to existing coatings that are in good shape and properly prepared. They’ll look great and offer outstanding performance, but primers are still important.

Color Wheel Basics

Use the color wheel to make decorating simple throughout your whole house.  Correctly using the color wheel and coordinating decorations can transform your house into a home.