Color Forecasts


2020 Summer Trends

2020 Summer Color Trends

With a new focus on shelter and its importance, we look for inspiration to create spaces that are uplifting and offer a sense of purpose and comfort. A fresh coat of paint can change the mood and perspective of a home or space, or just refresh for a needed update. We share with you inspiring colors that honor gratitude, wellness, inspiration, and hope


2020 Color of the Year: Silence is Golden

Pairing Silence is Golden with the 2020 Trend Colors adds warmth, creating a point of interest to the soft and muted groupings, or balancing brighter pairings without diminishing their presence.


2020 Color Trends

2020 Color Trend Report

Our 2020 Trend Palettes provide subtle yet lively and distinct measures of inspiration along our daily paths. It could be memories of a cherished piece, soft shades that offer a respite at the end of the day, or vibrant tones to inspire and motivate us to move beyond hesitation and obstacles.


2019 Color of the Year: Day Spa 0634

Day Spa is one of twenty trend colors highlighted in Diamond Vogel’s 2019 Color Trend Report. The report spotlights influential colors to watch paired in four trend stories. Current trends are influenced by earth inspired tones and authentic hues that tie us to each other.


2019 Color Trend Report

Color creates spaces that are optimistic, meaningful, and exciting. Weaving color into our homes, especially against current palettes of gray and neutrals keeps a space fresh and relevant. Color in 2019 will be influenced by the best of the past, but re-invented for the future.


2019 Pantone Color of the Year

2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone has chosen Living Coral - a vibrant hue that embraces us with comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment as their 2019 Color of the Year. To get the look, choose Diamond Vogel’s 1087 Bay Coral.


Color Trend Report | Spring & Summer 2018

No matter if you need to update a small nook or refresh your entire home, color can inspire a new outlook and connect you to your favorite spaces. We have paired today's trend colors to deliver inspired palettes focused on you, palettes that are unique, strong, and inspirational. Enjoy!


2018 Winter

Trending Colors | Winter 2018

Winter's beauty can inspire all year long. The last leaves drift off trees, crisp breezes warmed with sweaters and wool, holiday time with family, giving thanks for the past year’s blessings and the beauty of a first snow. We have gathered the season's best and paired them to inspire your next paint project. Celebrate a new year with these comfy color pairings.


2017 Colors Neighbors Love

Colors Your Neighbors Love | Fall 2017

We have completed our yearly color survey of the most popular paint colors for interiors, including cabinet and trim as well as exteriors and entry doors as reported by your local Diamond Vogel Paint store. This survey gives up-to-date insight to the most popular colors being selected by our customers and is a great guide for your next painting project.


2017 Summer Trends

Trending Colors | Summer 2017

You probably have experienced it. So many color choices that you are paralyzed from making the best decision, or any decision. Choice fatigue can overwhelm and crush creative inspiration. Summer is a great time for connecting with the outdoors, finding inspiring colors and combinations for the trickiest home project.


2017 Spring Trends

Trending Colors | Spring 2017

Fake news, truth, and the debate between differing views. Our current struggles are leading a shift to intentional choices to live an honest and simple life. A search for authentic design brings us to look for styles and products that are true and long lasting. Current trends for soft, muted color fit smoothly with our desire for timeless, modern design that helps us clear our mind.


2017 Winter Trends

Trending Colors | Winter 2017

The winter months bring us back indoors to plan our next painting and remodeling adventure. As life changes, so our homes change. Family, hobbies and different lifestyle needs make us reimagine under-utilized rooms in our home.


2017 Color of the Year

2017 Color of the Year

A modern yet classic blue-gray with confident presence, yet simple style. Our color of the year is a muted blue combining the best of two trends, the popularity of blue denoting classic styling along with the appeal of restful gray delivering easy living and modern flair. Find out more.


Fall 2016 Trends

Trending Colors | Fall 2016

We have completed our yearly color survey of the most popular paint colors for interiors, exteriors, cabinet and trim as reported by your local Diamond Vogel Service Centers. Read on to learn more about what is trending in color. These are the Colors Your Neighbors Love.


2016 Summer Trends

Trending Colors | Summer 2016

Every home tells a story. Walk through the front door and you quickly get a sense of the people that live inside. Sentimental pieces, hand-me-down furniture, artwork from the kids or grandkids and dishes in the sink all add up to "you".


Top Color Picks

Top Color Picks

Selecting the right color can be challenging and very personal. We want to create spaces that are an extension of ourselves and express current trends in design and home furnishings. To help, Diamond Vogel presents Top Color Picks; an insider’s look to the hot trends in color. Use the tabs below to tour our picks, let these colors inspire your next painting project.


2016 Spring Trends

Trending Colors | Spring 2016

Color and design, especially for interiors has such a big impact on how we relate to our homes. This use of color supports the feel and attitude we want to create for our living spaces. Current color trends are driving the use of soft, muted color as a way to provide visual relief from a busy day.


2017 Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek at 2017 Color Trends

Forecasted color trends for 2017 include everything from warm, inviting tones to icy hues. Here are some color stories we’ll likely see emerging for interiors and exteriors.


2016 Winter

Trending Colors | Winter 2016

Simplify with a Relaxed Modern Style - Modern simplicity showcases much of today’s design style. As we turn to 2016, themes of creating restful havens within our home continue to take focus. Stepping away from computers, phones and embracing downtime helps us towards this goal.


2015 Fall

Trending Colors | Fall 2015

Colors Your Neighbors Love 2015 - Once again, we offer you an unique look at the top colors selected by your neighbors for their recent painting projects. Color selection is very personal, but knowing what colors are popular in your market can provide you confidence in your own selections.


2015 Summer Trends

Trending Colors | Summer 2015

Summer is the perfect time to slip off your shoes, slow down and reconnect. This time can offer perspective and make you see and think in different ways. Use this time to gather and create new experiences and ideas which lend themselves to experiencing new color.

2015 Spring Trends

Trending Colors | Spring 2015

You study design blogs, websites and magazines and the ideas are plentiful, but you still have not pinned down the right color. I challenge you to toss out the objections that might be holding you back and approach your project as one of self-expression.


2016 Trends

Sneak Peek at 2016 Color Trends

From bold color to dusty, natural hues, we take an advance look at the gorgeous palettes predicted for 2016. Here’s your chance to get in on the front end of these up-and-coming colors sure to evoke emotion and create stunning spaces.


2015 Winter Trends

2015 Winter Color Trends

Technology and innovation continue to drive new and better ways to complete life’s everyday tasks. With the changing speed of life, we long for simplicity and balance in what is otherwise a complicated world. To help create this, design trends have focused on natural and handmade elements that are authentic in their design.


2014 Fall Trends

2014 Fall Color Trends

There is no question that greys, browns, beiges and soft-toned nature colors are currently the top trending colors for interiors. These colors are relaxed, calming and easy to use with most furniture and accessories. These colors also cross-over well if you are updating a room using classic furnishings and want a more modern vibe.


2014 Summer Trends

2014 Summer Color Trends

Summer is the time that we connect with family and friends in memorable ways. Favorite memories develop during time spent with those that are special to us. These memories include special places and activities like camping, lake houses, grandparent’s homes or activities like playing cards, board games, biking or sports. Color and design inspiration can be taken from these cherished memories.


2014 Spring Trends

2014 Spring Color Trends

For me, springtime brings to mind grass turning green, yellow daffodils, tulips blooming and the fragrance of lilacs. The return of warm weather also means the return of color to our world. After a long winter, we crave color and look for ways to incorporate it into our living spaces.


2015 Forecast

Color Marketing Group 2015 Color Forecast

The Color Marketing Group has just released their 2015 color forecast, and we want to share with you some highlights. So grab your ColorEssentials fandeck and let’s take a tour.


2014 Winter Trends

2014 Winter Color Trends

Clean lines and up-lifting styles are the driving force behind the modern movement currently influencing design. Younger consumers are finding inspiration in the simple lines and dynamic styles influenced by mid-century modernism. Part of this influence is the refreshing affect that soft and serene colors are having on this current trend. Stylized florals and geometric accents are also instrumental in this open and liberating design approach.


2013 Fall Trends

2013 Fall Color Trends

Every day we are surrounded by color inspiration, from fashion to entertainment, colors are everywhere. The most spectacular of these are from Mother Nature, offering colors and combinations that are rich with every hue imaginable. As we move into the Fall season, it is easy to find spectacular displays of color. If you are in need of updating your color scheme or you’re just looking for that one accent color to set your space apart, look to nature this season.


2013 Summer Trends

2013 Summer Color Trends

We all have color memories that shape how we view and use color. For each person it is different depending on how we were influenced by family, travel, activities and friends. Do you remember the color of your bedroom when you were small? Did your Grandfather have a hobby that was shared with you? Did your first car, even if rusty or dented still hold good memories? Does a special vacation hold wonderful memories?


2013 Color Trends

2013 Spring Color Trends

Life’s essentials; healthy family, good friends and a home that reflects our taste and lifestyle. These essentials drive our never ending passion to find products for our home that are safe, express our personality and deliver value. If you are on a quest for fresh color inspiration, our 2013 Spring Trend Colors deliver, and paint by far is the best value for adding color and personality to a space.


Commercial Exterior

Commercial Interior & Exterior Palette 2012-2013

The colors offered in this palette show the general direction of color for each color family based on trend studies and research of interior and exterior products in the marketplace.


Ready Set Style

Ready, Set, Style... Fall Colors 2012

Most everyone will have viewed some of the recent sports action in London. After Beijing’s colorful display, the pressure was on London to develop visuals that would leave a lasting, positive impression of the city. There is no denying that all the color used at the various venues was carefully selected and orchestrated to give the impression that London is a young, vibrant and progressive city.

2012 Summer Trends

Time for a Change? Summer Colors 2012

Our Summer palette draws inspiration from the slower lifestyle we all crave. Trends towards healing colors that offer quiet simplicity influence this nature inspired group.