2023 Color Trend Report


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2023 Color Trend Report

Momentum to New Beginnings
Posted 12/08/2022
Live your passion

Diamond Vogel's 2023 Trend Report, ‘Momentum to New Beginnings’ provides twenty colors in four trend palettes that provide inspiration for both interior and exterior spaces. We look to the coming year with optimism as we pursue our own authentic style.

Live Your Passion

This palette offers comfy style rooted in soft natural colors, romantic reds, and vintage accents. Mix modern pieces with classics to deliver an effortless romantic style, perfect for quiet moments and carefree living


1103 Moonrose0197 Thistle Gray0132 Summer Beige0002 Elusive White0200 Stony Field

Moonrose 1103: A powerful color that delivers passion and energy, along with the strength and the freedom to express your true self.

Thistle Gray 0197: A universal neutral. Calm, relaxed, and peaceful, this soft beige perfectly pairs with most colors.

Summer Beige 0132: These delicate pink whispers feminine mystique. A tender color that delivers harmony and inner peace.

Elusive White 0002: Add joy and happiness to your room with this beautiful warm white. Elusive White offers purity and calmness to create a harmonious space.

Stony Field 0200: This grounded neutral emerges from the earth and accents perfectly with both warm and cool colors.

Wide Open Spaces

Inspired by the strength and beauty of nature, this palette offers quiet, yet modern style perfect for relaxing, working, or gathering with family.

0142 Ranch House0457 Heavenly Garden0748 Balance1012 Hampton Beach0295 Spanish Cream

Ranch House 0142: Earth’s raw simplicity inspires this deep hue that delivers strength and endurance. A great accent for balancing and inspiring a space.

Heavenly Garden 0457: This moody sage delivers restful, quiet reflection, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

Balance 0748: This modern, energy-driven green delivers upbeat style for active spaces, celebrating wellbeing, and easy living.

Hampton Beach 1012: Nature’s beauty recognized with this welcoming terracota delivering a warm and comforting embrace.

Spanish Cream 0295: The earthy side of yellow, this soft gold creates energy when paired with grays, browns, and neutrals.

Spanish CreamHampton Beach

Limitless Possibilities

Vibrant and energetic, this palette celebrates self-expression and inspires creativity for those that love bold style. Use small pops of color to create impactful feature walls or craft dramatic hideaways perfect for play.

0784 Fresh Start1087 Bay Coral0667 Blessed Blue0300 Ivory Parchment0497 Restful Retreat

Fresh Start 0784 : An upbeat yellow green that delivers energy and youthful fun! Use as a standalone accent, or pair with other bright colors to create energy filled spaces.

Bay Coral 1087: This zippy accent color adds motion and life to popular grays and beiges. Use in combination with neutrals to transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Blessed Blue 0667: A classic aqua delivering big style while being calming and balanced. Pairs well with brown, orange, purple, and most neutrals.

Ivory Parchment 0300: Lightly kissed by the sun, Ivory Parchment offers a warm, classic glow to any space.

Restful Retreat 0497: This quiet blue calms the mind, offering a relaxing vibe. Restful Retreat perfectly pairs with pastel shades and deep neutrals like soft blacks, browns, and grays.

Bay CoralRestful Retreat

Peaceful Harmony

Break free for a new perspective and celebrate your passion. This palette of complex accents offers a harmonious celebration of color and the freedom that new color delivers to transform a space.

0501 Calm Interlude0385 Howdy Neighbor0107 Prosperity0700 Uninhibited0431 Clover Patch

Calm Interlude 0501: Mysterious and seductive, an ultra-deep blue green that inspires the senses. A perfect accent with rusty reds, yellows, and greens.

Howdy Neighbor 0385: This friendly, easy yellow pairs well with many toned colors found in furniture and accessories. Great for open floor plans where you need to transition and combine many colors and styles.

Prosperity 0107: Prosperity’s rich and elegant tone evokes power and strength. Use as an accent to enhance any space.

Uninhibited 0700: A distinctly modern take on mint, Uninhibited is a soft hue that is easy to use and blissfully simple.

Clover Patch 0431: An ultra-deep green, Clover Patch inspires strength and takes its inspiration form earthen shadows and cool forest paths.

Clover PatchUninhibited

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