2021 Color Trend Report


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2021 Color Trend Report

Comfortable, Nurturing, and Optimistic
Posted 09/18/2020
2021 Color Trends

Never have our homes been so important.

We have learned to use and adapt them into almost every aspect of our lives. This shift shows just how resilient and creative we are. It first began small with clearing clutter, fixing up our homes, and planting a garden. Then we organized ourselves and learned to work together as a family. As we are staying at home more, we look to create nurturing environments. Nature has been a partner in finding inspiration. In the great outdoors, we feel safe and know it is important mentally and physically to stay strong with activities.

Diamond Vogel’s 2021 Color Trend Palette offers inspiration found not just in nature but in our search and desire to stay healthy and strong as we dream of the day we can all be back together.

truth seeker

Durability, strength, and resilience. We desire authentic experiences and relationships during a time when we have a limited ability to have them. In a modern world where it is hard to decipher between what is real or what was created for the experience, we seek the truth. Our new virtual world gives us some of our needs, but we truly need human touch and real encounters to feel strong and alive. This palette offers tender earth neutrals, warm and comforting browns, and a red that makes us feel alive. These durable colors connect us to the reality we seek.

0425 Pale Green Tea 0211 Light Lichen 0142 Ranch Home 0557 Evermore 1095 Empower

PALE GREEN TEA 0425: A soft white with a touch of green. A clean slate for creativity and fresh optimism.

LIGHT LICHEN 0211: The perfect neutral between gray and beige. Its natural patina offers soft, warm color to a room.

RANCH HOUSE 0142: An earth brown offering strength and endurance. A great accent for balancing light and bright colors in a space.

EVERMORE 0557: Evening’s last light, an ultra-deep brown that delivers restful comfort.

EMPOWER 1095: Empower offers confidence and strength that only this spirited red-orange can deliver. A twist to classic red, pair with brown, gray, or soft earth tones to inspire and add happiness.

Light Lichen living room Evermore sitting area


This palette looks to the future with hope, optimism, and confidence. We crave connection and look to elevate our energy for the future. Seeking inner balance at a time when our lives are anything but balanced, this palette offers hope for what lies ahead. Soft blues, saturated greens, and deep yet comfortable neutrals offer a serene, quiet sense of purpose to help us energize for what is ahead.

Beyond living room


0614 Simple Serenity
A cleansing breath of optimistic confidence and hopeful resolve. Beautifully soft and elegant..

0631 Chicago Skyline
Sophisticated and worldly, Chicago Skyline balances between blue and gray, making it a versatile neutral. This grounding color provides a strong connection between earth and sky.

0448 Ice Flow
Peaceful and serene, this softly toned mint creates a quiet haven. Pairs well with cream, chocolate, and yellow.

0528 Greybeard
A dark gray with a blue cast. A versatile neutral that balances light and bright colors while delivering a modern style.

0669 Frozen Stream
A complex shade of blue-green inspired by the seasons and water, which are so vital to our lives. Denotes unity and pairs perfectly with most colors for perfect harmony.


Appreciating our past while embracing new ideas gives life balance and a deeper understanding. Both old and new ideas offer inspiration, strength, and harmony. Trends in sustainable products, healthy living, wellness, and positive mental attitude offer reassurance for better days ahead. Created by nature, these earth-inspired hues of greens, golds, and yellows offer an encouraging and comfortable backdrop to our lives.

0393 Inviting Gesture

0769 Earth Happiness

0428 Lucky Day

0792 Footie Pajamas

0466 Green Column

INVITING GESTURE 0393: A soft and romantic green that sets a calm tone that is cleansing and balanced. Watch cool colors shift to warmer tones. Inviting Gesture is a great backdrop for easy living.

EARTH HAPPINESS 0769: A soft yet energetic yellow with a touch of green. It touches our senses and demands attention.

LUCKY DAY 0428: Add a little luck with this down-to-earth sage. Soft and moody, a perfect backdrop to other brighter colors like oranges, yellows, and reds.

FOOTIE PAJAMAS 0792: A modern and fun youthful green that is optimistic and pairs well with gray, chocolate, and warm tans. An enthusiastic accent that offers a perfect touch of color.

GREEN COLUMN 0466: A deep earthy green that provides comfort. It boosts hopefulness and reduces emotional stress.

Green Column kitchen Lucky Day bathroom

reclaiming yesteryear

Nostalgia and the desire to escape from the everyday is now celebrated. Rekindled hobbies, self-learned crafts, even gardening and preparing our own meals lifts our spirits and gives us a sense of accomplishment. This eclectic palette of classic colors celebrates individualism. Apply these time-tested colors to your own space, as they are sure to deliver.

Celestial - exterior home


0160 Kingdom's Keys
A softly toned pink that is worldly and in control. A romantic hue that offers a touch of the past with modern style.


0589 Celestial Horizon
This relaxing violet-blue reaches to the heavens and delivers a low-key vibe. Use as a soft romantic accent or a pop of color to add mystery.


0799 Fire Dance
A happy yellow to make you smile, this fresh hue demands attention and delivers uplifting style.


0051 Caramel Candy
A timeless favorite, Carmel Candy will surely please with an empowering and friendly vibe. Great accent to pair with grays, browns, blues, and whites.


0648 Happy Tune
Classic style sings a happy tune with this time-honored navy blue. Modern and sure to please, use in a starring role with white, or pair with brighter colors as a neutral to balance a space.

two great ways to sample color

Not sure which hue is right for you? Diamond Vogel offers two convenient ways to preview colors.


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