2024 Color Trend Report


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2024 Color Trend Report

Embrace the Adventure
Posted 12/06/2023
Welcome Home

Diamond Vogel's 2024 Trend Report, ‘Embrace the Adventure’ provides twenty colors in four trend palettes that provide inspiration for both interior and exterior spaces. We celebrate classic style, which delivers soothing and familiar comfort, while embracing expressive colors that are dramatic and full of energy and boost our mood.

Back in Time

Treasured memories of the past inspire this palette of versatile colors that mix classic hues with modern style, delivering fresh spaces perfect for today’s home. These harmonious hues of light and dark deliver the perfect balance.


Welcome Home 0325Follow the Leader 0883Waxen Moon 0921Old School 0410Kung Fu 0109

Welcome Home 0325 A complex gold that offers a sophisticated feel and helps add interest to lighter colors in a space, this chameleon color changes mood and personality, depending on neighboring hues.

Follow the Leader 0883: This welcoming gold adds an upbeat feel when paired with neutrals such as grays, browns, greens, and blues.

Waxen Moon 0921: Nature’s beauty is celebrated and honored with this deep homespun terracotta. Artisans recognize the warm and welcoming feeling that this earthy color conveys.

Old School 0410: Old School sprouts with lush and vibrant renewal. Deep, yellow-based greens pair beautifully with yellow, oranges, reds, and even cool grays.

Kung Fu 0109: A blackened red, Kung Fu is a classic beauty. This color pairs well with other jewel tones as well as greens and earth tones.

Nature Connection

Nature delivers reassurance of new beginnings with each season. This collection of nature-inspired colors captures this cycle of renewal. We celebrate nature with these colors that balance and connect us to our shared environment.

Mother Nature 0746Clean Air 0783Sphere 0013Season Finale 0267Day Spa 0634

Mother Nature 0746: “Comfort” is the word for this earthy green that confidently delivers a relaxed feel. This is a great accent color that pairs with either warm or cool colors.

Clean Air 0783: Deeply rooted in nature, Clean Air is an organic green that is calming and balanced. It pairs well with gray, beige, orange-red, and purple.

Sphere 0013: Add joy and happiness to your room with this delicate yellow. Sphere will add welcoming energy to your space and easily connects with lively accents and deep neutrals.

Season Finale 0267: An updated gold well-suited for today’s home, this color’s nostalgic feel delivers comfortable living that welcomes all and beautifully pairs with white and near-white cabinets and trim, as well as deep blue, terracotta, and earthy brown.

Day Spa 0634: Day Spa is a deep, introspective blue that offers quiet reflection and a sense of security.

Day SpaSphere

Chart Your Own Course

Inspired by our uniqueness and desire to embrace our own style, this palette delivers expressive colors that highlight our confidence and free-spirited nature. Explore life and don’t be afraid to express your optimism daily!

It's My Party 1074Modern Blue 0608Dave's Den 0420Ice Dream 0032Black Licorice 0529

It's My Party 1074: It’s My Party is a free-spirited orange offering fun for those looking for a fresh, edgy accent. With roots in vintage mid-century style, this hue pairs well with brown and gray neutrals, greens, and yellows.

Modern Blue 0608: An uplifting blue that provides a cleansing breath of optimistic confidence and hopeful resolve, Modern Blue is beautifully soft and elegant.

Dave's Den 0420: A color that blends and connects, this familiar neutral can stand alone or easily combines with the company it keeps, pair Dave’s Den with aqua, red, orange, or brown.

Ice Dream 0032: This soft white offers a quiet, restful hue that perfectly pairs with any color.

Black Licorice 0529: Black Licorice's grounded feel pairs well to create confident combinations resulting in a truly modern and refined look.

It's My PartyIce Dream

Seize the Day

Embrace and celebrate confidence every day, even in challenging times. The rhythm of life demands that we seize the day with joy. This palette of expressive colors delivers freedom from burdens and encourages new beginnings.

Glistening 0813Southern Belle 1312Plunge 0701Turning Leaf 0741Pale Green Tea 0425

Glistening 0813: A warm, optimistic yellow that offers a “sunny outlook” and brightens a room with energy, Glistening pairs well with aqua, orange, and popular grays.

Southern Belle 1312: Romantic, yet modern and luxurious, Southern Belle pampers and indulges us. This hue pairs well with popular grays as well as aqua, soft green, and gold.

Plunge 0701: This mid-century mint offers modern style. Softly toned, Plunge pairs perfectly with deep berry, brown, and orange.

Turning Leaf 0741: A modern and fun youthful green that is optimistic, Turning Leaf is an enthusiastic accent that offers a perfect touch of color.

Pale Green Tea 0425: A Pale Green Tea is a soft white with a touch of green, making it a clean slate for creativity and fresh optimism.

GlisteningTurning Leaf

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