Diamond Vogel is a leading contract filler and custom packager of aerosol cans. With our state-of-the-art aerosol conversion services, we can turn your OEM paints into easy-to-use aerosols that match your colors perfectly.

Contract Filling

Our aerosol contract filling service gives you the ability to custom-build a variety of aerosol products. We use top of the line manufacturing processes ensuring a consistent, safe, and quality product that will meet or exceed your expectations.


The Fill-N-Spray Aerosol filling system is an excellent solution for quickly creating custom aerosol solutions. Whether you need a single can, large volumes, or any volume-in between, the Fill-N-Spray system is a cost-effective option for creating custom aerosol spray finish.

Product Development

Whether it is as simple as coming up with a perfect color match or formulating of a custom coating that is exclusively yours, our aerosol experts are experienced in finding an excellent solution for just about anyone.