2013 Spring Color Trends


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2013 Spring Color Trends

Posted 02/19/2013
2013 Color Trends

Spring’s fresh start is the perfect time for inspiring new beginnings.

Life’s essentials; healthy family, good friends and a home that reflects our taste and lifestyle.  These essentials drive our never ending passion to find products for our home that are safe, express our personality and deliver value.  If you are on a quest for fresh color inspiration, our 2013 Spring Trend Colors deliver, and paint by far is the best value for adding color and personality to a space.

Diamond Vogel is buzzing with new colors and inspiration with the launch of our new color system, ColorEssentials!  If you have not stopped by your neighborhood Diamond Vogel lately, we invite in to see all that is new!  We have researched the best of color and compiled this comprehensive palette.   No matter if you are searching for authentic, mood setting or brilliant, we can show you the prefect color for your next project!  

Color Watch 

Living roomBlue continues to demand attention and influence color, its classic nature and ability to offer a stable presence is keeping it in the forefront of design.  Greens have also been influenced by blue with aqua’s and teals still leading the march, while lighter and brighter greens like mint and emerald are moving into the spotlight.  Even purples have been influenced by blue, with periwinkle being paired with oranges and yellows, making a colorful trio.  Red and oranges seem to be inseparable, with both being combined for exciting corals and bright orangey-pinks along with sophisticated home grown reds.  Yellow has a split personality, bright yellows infused with orange at one end and very soft pale tones at the other.  We are watching as warmer browns and charcoals are emerging as the neutral of choice.  Good bye grey?  Stay tuned…. 

Not sure what color to select? 

BedroomDiamond Vogel® offers two great ways to preview color.  Color Sampler is a quart sized sample that helps you test color before you buy.  There is no better way to try a color than to paint out a sample in the space, so you can see it with your own furniture, lighting and accessories.  You can also try testing out color in our Envision software found at diamondvogel.com/envision.  Upload a photo of your project and visualize any of our colors before you paint, it is just that easy!  Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store to find the perfect color for your project.


Authentic, mood setting, brilliant….  Your essential color….


Diamond Vogel Paint Spring 2013 Color Palette

0668 Wish Upon a Star

Mysterious and exotic, explore uncharted earth and space with this deep teal.  A great accent when paired with warm and cool neutrals, golds, reds and purples.

0558 Queen Anne's Lace

A delicate off-white, warm and welcoming, the perfect white for an inviting space. 

0904 Sunday Afternoon

Golden and sunny, this toned yellow offers comfort and a laid-back, yet optimistic vibe to any space. Pair with blues, teals, greys and blues. 

0121 Savanna

As found in this historic city, Savanna’s authentic aged bricks are worn and weathered, a classic choice for a dramatic accent. Pairs with blues, greens and yellows and warm neutrals.


0687 Stillwater

Tranquil and peaceful, a softly toned aqua for spaces looking for restful quite from a busy day. Perfect with greys, light yellows, and browns.



0532 Rand Moon

On the edge of moonlight describes with dusty grey.  Use as an accent with other cool colors like blues, greens and purples.



0404 Translucent Vision

 This translucent celeron green begs for spring to arrive.  An ethereal green kissed by yellow, pairs well with blues, purples and greys.


0141 Bush Buck

Light browns are emerging as the new neutrals.  This milky chocolate take center stage as an accent that pairs well with almost any color.



0653 Sea of Atlantis

This mid-tone blue is a color to watch.  Representative of CMG’s Next Color 2014+ Re-blued, Sea of Atlantis has personality-plus with its happy presence; it is a winner no matter the space.  Pairs with any neutral as well as brown, reds and yellows.


0531 Snowglory

The perfect companion, Snowglory balances warm and cool colors and offers a subtle touch of color.  Paris well with any color. 



1068 Best of the Bunch

Taking a cue from its name, this orange-red accent is a perfect marriage of flirty red and playful orange, creating a lively color that has personality plus.  Partners with browns, greys, teals and blues.


0549 Emu

This deep grey is a sophisticated accent and is great as a backdrop to other colors that may take the leading role.  Its warm tone makes it pair well with other warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges.


0175 3am Latte

Taking its lead from the other soft browns and beiges trending now, 3am Latte is a winner with its warm golden undertone, classic but never boring.


0535 Zen Retreat 

This intuitive neutral seems to move and morph when paired with both warm and cool colors.  Grounded and earthy, a mystical hue with never ending possibilities. 



0498 Wonder Land 

Sophisticated yet tender, this smoky teal pairs well with charcoal, yellow, reds and oranges.


0943 Picture Perfect 

As with the first light of day, this delicate yellow ponders the day’s possibilities.  Soft and lightly toned, the ‘perfect’ yellow to pair with blues, greens, browns and greys.