2019 Summer Color Trends


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2019 Summer Color Trends

Posted 06/03/2019
2019 Summer Trends

Summer, our favorite season is a time to celebrate with family and friends, explore new destinations, and enjoy long, fun-filled days. It is also the perfect time to find color inspiration. Diamond Vogel offers four trend palettes inspired by summer and highlights colors in combinations that can easily be used to change the mood of a room or refresh an exterior. Find time this summer for some child-like play, and let your imagination explore the color world around you.

midnight sun

We love summer for its abundant sunny days and cool refreshing nights. The extra daylight of summer gives us energy and time for all the outdoor activities we enjoy. This color palette celebrates our endless enthusiasm during this time of the year.      


HIGHWAY 0394:A muted green that blazes a path of renewed growth – offering a fresh start and new attitude.

CORINTHIAN PILLAR 0301:An emerging trend color, this soft cream is earthy and works well in large spaces that need to connect many colors and styles.

SWEET ANGELICA 0806:A warm, optimistic yellow, is prefect for summer and brightens any space with energy. Pairs well with aqua, orange and popular grays.

BECKER GOLD 0353:A complex gold that offers a sophisticated feel and helps add interest to lighter colors in a space. This chameleon color changes mood and personality, depending on neighboring hues.

cool breeze

Celebrate summer with light and breezy color that captures the refreshing hues of blue, white, and moody lavender to create a restful space. Sitting by the lake to catch a cool breeze, or walking barefoot in morning’s first dew, these colors create restful places for easy relaxing.


A distinctly retro mint, this soft hue is easy to use with popular neutrals including browns and greys.

 A moody lavender to add just the right emotion, or pair with bright colors to set a relaxed mood.

This grounded neutral emerges from the earth as an accent – perfect to pair with warm or cool colors.

Calm, relaxed, and peaceful, this soft white perfectly pairs with all colors.

secret garden

Beautiful summer gardens use pops of color to spark the imagination. Mother Nature is the master of pairing unusual combinations that impress and inspire. Take a walk in nature and explore the surprising colors, textures, and senses that await.


MARSHY HABITAT 0204:Soft and nature inspired, Marshy Habitat easily pairs to balance bolder colors or alone sets a restful nature-inspired quality.

GRACEFUL BALLERINA 1073:Grace in motion, this spirited peach transforms a space from ordinary to amazing.

PAVED PATH 0582:Inspired by stone, a shadowy green with the magic to stand on its own or complement neutrals like browns, creams, and grays.

DAY SPA 0634:Our 2019 Color of the Year, Day Spa is a saturated Navy that connects spaces, cultures, and generations.

lazy afternoon

Relaxing with a lemonade and a good book, there is something about lazy summer afternoons that helps us recharge. Daydreaming of past adventures or dreaming of life’s possibilities, these colors are uplifting and relaxed.


Is it blue or is it black? A mysterious ultra-deep accent that adds interest to lighter colors.

A soft-toned yellow with personality, or an accent to pair with grays and browns to add an uplifting spirit to a room.

Summer’s perfect color – refreshed to deliver big impact, but soft and light to showcase other colors that may take center stage.

Deeply rooted in nature, a complex gray that is calming and balanced.

not sure which color to select?

Diamond Vogel offers two great ways to preview color:


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