A Fresh New Look


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A Fresh New Look

Posted 08/08/2013
A Fresh New Look

Paint color has the power to transform and revitalize a tired look. You can use color to engage and create welcoming home environments. If you’re trying to achieve a fresh new look without changing all the colors in a room, follow these color scheme tips.

Modern Living Room with Lime Walls and Burnt Umber AccentsA room can be refreshed without going through a complete color overhaul. Add in an unexpected color for a trendy way to make a theme seem new. Take the traditional and put in a pop of acid green, red-violet or playful orange. Combined with other shades, these hues make a statement and offer new life to an old room. Take a risk!

A single color addition makes for a fun update, making your home and design a little bit unexpected. Choose a color that shows off your personality and flair. If you need a little inspiration, try one of these color combinations.

Forest Path Inspiration for Naturals Color Scheme

Red Wood Doors with Vintage Handles for Scheme Inspiration

Modern Tablecloth and Stoneware for color scheme inspiration

Test out a new color using Diamond Vogel’s Envision color visualizer.  Upload a photo of your current room and apply one of our new ColorEssentials Collection colors.  This is the easiest way to test out a new color scheme before you paint!

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