Color Trends - Summer 2012


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Color Trends - Summer 2012

Posted 06/01/2012
Color Trends Summer 2012

Time for a change? "Envision" your room before you paint!

Are you ready for a change? Do you walk into a room and dream of a new look? Then snap a photo of your space and head to your computer to ‘envision’ that new color. Envision is Diamond Vogel’s color visualizer that offers easy color visualization and idea planning. You can view colors and combinations applied directly to your own photo, save them to your computer or share them on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and family. Select one of our 2012 Summer colors and have fun playing with the limitless possibilities.

Color Watch

Our Summer palette draws inspiration from the slower lifestyle we all crave. Trends towards healing colors that offer quiet simplicity influence this nature inspired group. Orange continues its strong presence and touches us with a ‘happy go-lucky’ vibe that is hard to deny. Chocolate browns and grey-greens lead the group of neutrals and pair well with saturated yellows, blues and reds. Light greens like 7794 Hillsmere work as a neutral and add a youthful, edgy twist to more traditional combinations. Select a color from our Summer palette and escape to your new sanctuary!

Need Exterior Painting Inspiration?

MyHaven Exterior Color Collection offers twenty-eight exterior colors that honor the architecture and natural beauty of the central and western regions of the country. Each region is rich with tradition and heritage and diverse both geographically and architecturally. My Haven uses the inspiration of these great landscapes to capture the beauty of each and helps bring these great colors to your exterior.

Summer 2012 Color Combinations




Inspiration can be found anywhere; cherished keepsakes, artwork and decorative or architectural elements. If you need additional color inspiration, Diamond Vogel offers color palettes and take home color cards that offer the latest in color trending to help with your selection process.


Visually verify the color you find in inspiration pieces with a Diamond Vogel color swatch. True color verification is achieved by tinting the recommended Diamond Vogel coating for your project's surface and environmental conditions. Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store for additional color selection support.


Following these steps will give you confidence in the color selection for your project. Also ask our Sales Associates about custom color matches.