Color Trends | Summer 2016


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Color Trends | Summer 2016

Posted 05/09/2016
2016 Summer Trends

Every home tells a story. Walk through the front door and you quickly get a sense of the people that live inside. Sentimental pieces, hand-me-down furniture, artwork from the kids or grandkids and dishes in the sink all add up to ‘you’. The right color added to a home can help pull together these elements and set the stage for your home's unique tale. Are you looking for calm and serenity? Cool colors like green, blue and purple can deliver. Looking for comfort, light and energy? Warm colors like red, orange and yellow offer this welcoming feel.

Color selection can be crazy-hard. You might be reading this post as you are wanting to know what is popular and trending in color or simply looking for color inspiration. Be an artist of your own environment. Curate colors for your home that inspire and make your space comfortable, positive and motivating. Our 2016 Summer Colors offer a mix of neutral favorites, restful hues and trending pops of color. If you need more inspiration or help in visualizing color, check out Envision , Diamond Vogel’s color visualizer that helps you view color prior to painting or stop into your local Diamond Vogel Service Center. Color is powerful, use it to tell the best story, the story of your home.

Note: On-screen and printer color representations may vary from actual paint colors.

0017 Luna Moon
This moonlit hue offers a clean, warm glow. Pairs well with most colors, a perfect match for today’s soft chalky hues.

0441 Slate Stone
A soft and deeply-toned gray with a hint of green. Perfectly pairs with popular coral, blue and yellow or darks like chocolate brown, wine-reds or deep purple. Casual and soft, a sophisticated update to gray.

1052 Summer Memory
Hazy, warm summer days inspire this laid-backed orange! Think melons, peaches and fruity sorbet, this ‘fun in the sun’ hue delivers all the best of summer.

0576 Stormy Weather
‘Stormy Weather’ delivers a complex neutral of brown, gray and green for an earthy color that delivers! Pairs well with toned reds, orange and yellow for a dramatic effect that is boundless.

0557 Evermore
Strong and straightforward, this ultra-deep accent balances brights and offers an organic twist..... pairs well with sage, aqua and popular oranges and yellows.

1229 Eleanor Ann
A ‘black’ violet that is dark, strong and bold. Balances light colors with dramatic style! Pairs well with popular chalky pastels as well as aqua, orange-reds and greens.

0440 Pale Loden
This soft green creates the perfect restful mood. Popular ‘chalky’ colors create comfortable and casual spaces. Use with deep accents for dramatic combinations.

0521 Dolphin Dream
This dusty violet creates the perfect mystical mood; a great complement to soft greens, aqua and orange.

0288 Golden Buff
Warm and relaxing, Golden Buff delivers an authentic connection to comfort. Complements well with browns and grays as well as popular blues, aqua and violet.

0667 Blessed Blue
Nostalgia meets clean and simple. A classic aqua with a modern edge. Pairs well with brown, orange, purple and most neutrals.

0022 White Kitten
A softly-toned white that pairs well with most colors, a classic for any space.

0904 Sunday Afternoon
This rich yellow hints of earthy undertones; making it perfect for open spaces were you need to mix many styles. This happy hue delivers smiles all round.

0221 Brown Suede
This deep gray-brown is a great base for showcasing stronger colors or smoky pastels. Perfect to pair with greens, oranges, blues and corals.

1095 Empower
’Empower’ offers confidence and strength that only this spunky orange-red can deliver. An updated twist to classic red, use this accent with brown, gray or soft earth tones to spice up any space.

0340 Nightfall
This earthy deep green lies just beyond nightfall. Use as a backdrop on walls for dramatic effect or as an accent with cream, whites and light tones.

0334 Sedona
Sedona offers a soft ‘white light’ and energy to a space. Pairs well with both light and dark colors, a universal choice for any room.

0388 Shiny Gold
This edgy green offers a fresh look at nature’s influence on color. Use this as an accent with orange, coral, violet or blue to add a twist of ‘attitude’ to your color scheme!

0486 Paradise City
A dark blue-green with personality! Edgy and youthful as well as moody and mysterious, pairs with brights for a youthful vibe or with grays and neutrals for trend-setting style.

Looking for additional inspiration? View additional color trends from Diamond Vogel here.

Not sure what color to select? Diamond Vogel® offers two great ways to preview color. Color Sampler is a quart sized sample that helps you test color before you buy. There is no better way to try a color than to paint out a sample in the space, so it can be viewed with your own furniture, lighting and accessories. You can also try testing out color in our Envision software found at, upload a photo of your project and visualize any of our colors before you paint, it is just that easy! Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel® Paint Center to find the perfect color for your project.