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Exercise Room Design

Posted 09/10/2014
Excercise Room Design

So you have a treadmill, but you currently get more of a workout schlepping it from one end of the room to the other to vacuum than you do actually walking on it.  And you have a weight bench, but you’ve found that it is better as an extension of your closet, giving you extra space to hang and stack clothes.  Admit it; it’s not hard to avoid exercising.  But have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s your exercise space, and not your motivation, that could use a makeover?

A well-designed workout space can inspire you to dust off those free-weights and fire up the elliptical. Spend some time creating a workout space you actually want to workout in.

If you like to do high intensity workouts, try painting your room a bold color like red or yellow, which stimulate movement and increase adrenalin.  If that’s too much color for you, try adding those bold colors as accents around your exercise space.  If you are more into meditative workouts like yoga or Pilates, go with soothing colors like light green or blue.  For you bodybuilder types, studies have shown that weight lifters can lift heavier weights in blue rooms.

Mirrors are another important design element. Not only can mirrors make your space appear larger, but they also allow you to examine your form while you work out.

To limit the amount of distractions, separate your workout space as much as you can from the rest of the house; if you live in a loft or small apartment, use a partition screen to give you as much privacy as possible.

Pattern glass in the doors eliminates distractions as you exercise, it hides the equipment and adds another design element to your space.

So hit the gym, but before you do, stop into Diamond Vogel and let our experts suggest the right color for the prefect workout space.

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