Frosted Blues


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Frosted Blues

A Timeless Palette of Icy Hues
Posted 11/29/2021
Frosted Blues

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Look forward to welcoming back family and friends into your home this Christmas with a sophisticated palette of frosted blues. A tinted white and a trio of gently shaded, cool blues are grounded by the deep navy hue from our 2022 Color Trend Report. So, follow our simple steps and discover the versatility of these beautiful icy blues to be enjoyed just in time for the festive season and well into the new year.


Pompeii Ruins Bedroom Happy Tune Exterior Home

Create a tonal blue scheme with wooden headboards in North Sea and walls in Wind Blown. With its subtle blue undertone this paler shade creates a tonal balance against the darker North Sea. Finish with festive-themed textiles in neutral grays for a simple guest room update. Make a statement with your exteriors this December by giving them a fresh and modern update. Here, exterior walls in deep blue Happy Tune boldly frame the softer tinted white Child of Heaven.


Child of Heaven Kitchen

Refresh kitchens with tinted white Child of Heaven over bare brick walls and create a rustic and warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxed socializing and cooking with family. Evoking frozen lakes, the frosted blue Pompeii Ruins completely transforms kitchen cabinets to feel fresh and modern. Pair with natural wood countertops to complete a homely country style. For a festive touch decorate with miniature trees and warm fairy lights.


Child of Heaven Fireplace Happy Tune Bathroom

Brighten up wooden paneled walls with Child of Heaven. Pairing harmoniously with natural wood shelving and floorboards, this tinted-white feels cozy and inviting. Why not try bathrooms in deep blue Happy Tune and create the perfect atmosphere for taking a relaxed evening soak to recharge after all those festivities? This timeless palette is versatile and lovely to live with, so you’ll enjoy this beautiful blue scheme far beyond the holidays!