How To Clean & Stain Your Deck


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How To Clean & Stain Your Deck

Posted 05/16/2018

Wood decks take a beating. They are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, standing water, snow, pets and foot traffic. Without preventive maintenance, your wood deck will begin to turn gray and age, and if ignored for too long the deck may begin to deteriorate which can lead to costly repairs. Follow these steps to protect your deck against an early demise.


deck cleaning and prep

As with all coating projects, preparing the surface is the key to a long-lasting finish. First, you must remove the dirt, dust, mildew, and previous coatings. Most people choose power washing to clean their deck.  Deck cleaning products can also make the job easier.  Ask your Diamond Vogel store for more information on deck cleaning products.  Before you stain, the deck must be dry. The deck should dry for two to three days before moving on. 


(We have a full line of deck cleaners, strippers, and brighteners specifically for wood decks. Your local Diamond Vogel Paint Store can assist you with power washing tips, selection of cleaning products, and mildew removal techniques if needed.)


selecting the best deck stain

Applying stain to your deck is one of the easiest ways to protect your investment. Stains that penetrate are preferred since failure doesn’t typically result in peeling. For the ultimate protection look for a penetrating stain that takes advantage of trans-oxide pigments. Trans-oxide pigments deliver a beautiful, rich, clear color that really highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Diamond Vogel’s Grain Stain Semi-Transparent Deck Stain uses trans-oxide pigments and provides long term protection and beauty for your deck.




applying stain

You can apply the stain by brush, roller, or spray, but for best results brush the stain into the decking. Protect all areas not receiving stain with tape and plastic.  Two coats of stain are recommended for maximum durability. Many stains require an application technique called “wet-on-wet.” This is when the second coat of stain is applied before the first coat is thoroughly dried.  Apply stain to the full length of a plank to avoid lap marks and generally you can work on three planks at a time.  Once a section of planks is stained, recoat with the second coat and move to the next section of planks.



maintaining your deck

Reapply a new coat of stain every two to three years. If the deck does not show signs of graying, a quick cleaning is all that is normally required before applying another coat of defense.


For further information on preparing and staining decks, contact your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store.


View our Grain Stain Exterior Wood Stain Planner for color information and inspiration.