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Indulge a Little

Luxurious colors for your home
Posted 11/18/2020
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Featured Colors:

If your favorite nights out are still on hold, and social restrictions are still in place, how about indulging yourself with a little opulence and glamour in your own home. In this color palette, a dramatic, dark teal and black cherry hue are balanced with warm gold and faded rose, while the soft lilac-grey illuminates and highlights. As winter draws closer and the festive season beckons, get into the mood with this month’s offering of luxurious colors for you and your family to enjoy throughout the celebratory season.

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Warm and decadent, create a space that caters for both entertaining and relaxation.
The velvety warmth of light to dark duo Kung Fu and Blooming Perfect, and the cooler Desired Dawn are an ideal combination. Create a stylish focal point with sumptuous Kung Fu for walls, and contrast with shaded lilac, Desired Dawn for fireplaces. Accessorize with plush furniture and curtains in Blooming Perfect and statement lighting.

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Simple yet impactful, the deep plush shade, Kung Fu creates an elegant and modern feature wall, while a complementary duo of Blooming Perfect and Blue Period on walls and paneling showcases bolder styling. Whether you’re looking forward to entertaining, or simply staying at home with the family this holiday season, explore the versatility of this divine and luxurious palette.