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Keep Things Cozy

Posted 10/08/2019
Keep Things Cozy

Featured Colors:

Keep Things Cozy Pallete Keep Things Cozy Kitchen Inspiration

Get inspired this October with a seasonal color scheme of autumn shades. A deep burnt umber and a rich forest-inspired green are balanced by a gradient of light to dark cozy neutrals. This is a beautiful palette to bring warmth into any interior space.

Keep Things Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

Bring a touch of nature to your kid’s bedrooms with bold Jungle Adventure. For an extra comforting feel, combine this atmospheric and magical dark green with the warm neutral of Chintz. Layer up with snuggly textiles and woodland inspired accessories and toys in Autumn’s Hill and Jungle Adventure. Now you have the perfect place for little ones to sleep and play.

Keep Things Cozy Dining Room Inspiration

Create a country style dining area with a two-tone paint scheme. August Moon is a great choice as an all-over base. The warm nature of this off-white will keep interiors light and airy while keeping a homely feel. The contrasting darker neutral of River God will bring a new lease of life to your tired wood furniture and complete this simple yet stylish makeover of your room. Finish with simple dining accessories in ceramic and textiles in matching shades.

Keep Things Cozy Living Room Inspiration

Soft and sophisticated Chintz is an ideal choice for rooms you use to both relax and socialize. This cozy mid-tone grey acts as a blank canvas to introduce accent colors with furniture and accessories. Enhance a mood of autumn warmth with the rich hue of Autumn’s Hill in upholstery and accessorize with plush velvets in River God and Jungle Adventure for a relaxed, luxe style.

Keep Things Cozy Sofa with Blanket Keep Things Cozy Pitcher and Cup

This nature inspired palette makes for easy all-over single shades of neutrals with warming accents, or more dynamic colour combinations for a super cozy space. Whether you’re thinking of creating a quiet nesting zone or looking for ideas for the social areas of your home, get inspired by the fall and our October palette.