Playroom Paint Colors


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Playroom Paint Colors

Posted 10/09/2015
Playroom Colors

Creating a fun and functional playroom is in reach! Our tips will help you create a special children’s space in your home without breaking the bank.

Source: Houzz

Before You Begin

  • Examine your flooring. Spills and accidents are bound to happen in a playroom, so choose flooring that’s easily wipeable -- like laminate or vinyl. If your little ones are younger, soften things up with affordable (and easily replaceable) carpet tiles. And don’t forget a charming rug (or two!) to add personality to your playroom!
  • Set your vibe. Going for a clean, Scandinavian look or dreaming of a bright, colorful atmosphere? Knowing the feel you want your playroom to have will set the tone for the rest of your decisions, like playroom furniture, art, and wall color.
  • Pick a palette. These no-fail colors will have you on your way to transforming that old office into a whimsical playroom for the little ones in your life!
    • Clean & Modern: Like light wood, clean lines, and lots of white space? This is for you!
Just About White (0024)
Au Gratin (0969)
Job’s Tears (0676)
  • Bright & Bold: Energizing and fun, these colors will make you feel like a kid again.
Sunny Mood (0822)
Glass Bottle (0773)
Charybdis (0661)
  • Classic Prep: Traditional with just a hint of nautical, these colors are great for all ages.
Star-Studded (0620)
Blue Bayou (0615)

Prismatic Pearl (0025)
  • Pretty Pastels: Create a space fit for a princess with these charming colors.
Deco Pink (1141)
Lavender Veil (1197)
Mystic Fog (0019)

Source: Houzz

Tips for an Organized Playroom

  • Group similar toys together. Give toys like car ramps, train tracks, and dolls their own space, while placing toys to stimulate imaginary play (think pretend food, toy tools, music sets) in a designated area.
  • Buy bins. Playrooms are meant to be played in. And that means that they’re usually messy. Totes dedicated to certain types of toys are an easy way to involve your children or grandchildren in clean-up — just toss and go. Try affordable canvas bins for frequently used toys: play food, balls, trains, and tracks. Use the plastic shoe boxes for toys with small pieces — toy tools, doll accessories, wooden blocks, etc.
  • Create an art space. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A table and chairs, an old chalkboard, a few coloring books, some modeling clay, puzzles, and a bulletin board is enough to entertain kiddos for a good chunk of time.
  • Scavenge through your storage. Throw a slip-cover on a used couch. It gets climbed on and jumped on, and since it’s old — it doesn’t matter! The cure for spilled juice is just a washing machine’s visit away. Use your imagination to re-purpose things you already have.
  • Allow one toy box. Choose a medium-plastic tote to act as the island for misfit toys. Start by organizing everything else and save this stash for last.