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Ready, Set, Style...

Posted 10/01/2012
Ready Set Style

Most everyone will have viewed some of the recent sports action in London. After Beijing’s colorful display, the pressure was on London to develop visuals that would leave a lasting, positive impression of the city. There is no denying that all the color used at the various venues was carefully selected and orchestrated to give the impression that London is a young, vibrant and progressive city. The pinks, purples, oranges and greens were inspired the world’s flags, but brightened and updated to appeal to a young, worldwide audience. (How about the fuchsia gymnastics’ venue?) If London was colorful, just wait for Rio de Janeiro in 2016!

So what can you take away from London that can inspire you? Many of the bright colors seen at the venues can overwhelm if used in small spaces. We suggest instead you reach for the gold, silver and bronze! These earthy precious metals are hot and metallics continue to be a champion in the world of design. Our Fall 2012 trend palette offers colors inspired by warm golds and yellows, classic silver and grays and warm oranges and reds…all the colors of a winning space. Enjoy!

Color Watch

Yellows and golds have carved out an important place in our color trend palette and seem to be influencing color everywhere. Soft golds and creams add inviting warmth, and partner perfectly with terra cottas and rusty reds. Purple has softened to become a sophisticated neutral, and greens like 7685 Woodland Park add personality and drama. We are seeing soft ethereal colors gaining use…. think soft clouds, easy and light.

Not sure what color to select? Envision before you paint!
Are you ready for a change? Then snap a photo of your space and head to your computer to envisionthat new color. Envision is Diamond Vogel’s color visualizer found here that offers easy color visualization and idea planning. You can view colors and combinations applied directly to your own photo, save them to your computer or share them on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and family. Select one of our 2012 Fall colors and have fun playing with the limitless possibilities.

Fall 2012 Color Combinations




Inspiration can be found anywhere; cherished keepsakes, artwork and decorative or architectural elements. If you need additional color inspiration, Diamond Vogel offers color palettes and take home color cards that offer the latest in color trending to help with your selection process.


Visually verify the color you find in inspiration pieces with a Diamond Vogel color swatch. True color verification is achieved by tinting the recommended Diamond Vogel coating for your project's surface and environmental conditions. Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store for additional color selection support.


Following these steps will give you confidence in the color selection for your project. Also ask our Sales Associates about custom color matches.


Test that color with Color Sampler
Diamond Vogel® offers Color Sampler, a quart sized color sample that helps you test color at home before you buy. There is no better way to try a color than to test it first in the space so you can see it with your own furniture, lighting and accessories. Stop by your nearest Diamond Vogel Paint Store to find the perfect color for your project.